Better Late Than…

The TikTok dance by admin you’ve all been waiting for….

On behalf of the families & students, teachers & administrators of South Loop Elementary School (SLES), it’s a genuine thrill to extend our gratitude for your support this Spring. Your donations were invaluable to the 2021 DANCE-A-THON’S SUCCESS. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity in a historically challenging school year for all.

Fundraising proceeds are intended to enhance and enrich the academic experience for our 700+ students by augmenting our classes’ resources beyond that provided to the Chicago Public Schools budget. Dance-a-Thon funds supported resources for curriculum and teachers’ professional development.

Congratulations to the grades who reached INCENTIVE BENCHMARKS that contributed to year-end socializing like cupcake parties, Pajama Days and in-class movies!

We’d like to extend a special thank longtime donor Central Clinical Labs for their continued support of our fundraising efforts.

And a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the parents who volunteered on Swag Bag distribution: Courtney Boerema, Rebecca Casey, Kelly DeSchepper, Chiara Gasparetto, Janel Gould, June Hou, Reemaa Konkimalla, Janean Kwan, Tiffany Norwood, Raghad Nowar, Lavinia Pierce, Tara Rossi, Latisha Slater, Heidi Stevens and Michelle Thomas.

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FFSLES believes that education is a partnership between the school, families, and the community. Thank you again for partnering with us to empower the 2021 Dance-a-Thon! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer… You earned it!
Friends & Family of South Loop School, Inc