Celebrating Diversity at SLES

Dear South Loop Family,

As I always say, at South Loop our diversity is our greatest strength.  Students at South Loop attend school daily with fellow students who come from different cultural backgrounds, different ethnicities, beliefs, family dynamics, and customs.  There are many ways to celebrate the diversity of our culture, and we want our students and families to feel included and valued as they celebrate their cultural holidays and events.  

If there is something you would like to showcase about your family’s culture, please have your child bring a  treat, video, guest speaker (approval from Mrs. Shelton), artifacts, books or reading to share with their class to honor their culture and teach their peers about it.  We will continue to celebrate South Loop Around the World, but need your help in highlighting all the diversity that makes our school so special.  And we would also like to start the tradition of celebrating our variety of cultural heritages by encouraging students to share about their celebrations and holidays with their fellow students as they occur.  We also ask that you send in cultural artifacts so that they can be displayed in our school’s  libraries.  

Yours in Education

Principal Shelton