Congratulations 6th grade for reaching your $4k goal and even more!

All 6th graders can be out-of-uniform starting tomorrow until Friday, May 19th! So many other grades are so close. Kindergarten is less than $500 off! If you haven’t donated yet, even just a small donation can help your grade reach your goal! At anytime during these 3 weeks your grade reached their goal, students can take advantage of the OOU incentive starting the following day.

Thank you everyone who has donated, pledged, purchased tickets, and shared with family & friends! We are amazed that we have reached over 66% of our goal with still 20 days left of the Spring Benefit Drive.

Links to team pages:


We have to give our final count to the Chicago Fire by May 1st so don’t wait.

Just a reminder, signing up to participate in the pledge drive does not include tickets to the Chicago Fire match. You must purchase your match ticket here and enter PROMO sent by email when your registered. Students must be chaperoned by a paying adult. You will need to purchase a ticket in order to take advantage of the experiences available to top pledge earners and drawings for other experiences. Don’t wait, we have to give our count tomorrow!

Parent’s we have a handful of bundles left if you also plan to attend the Spring Benefit: “80s Prom Night” Tickets can be purchased from same link above!

Winners of these experiences will be announced on May 10th!