Congratulations to Around the World winners!

Thank you to all the students & families who participated and joined us for Virtual Around the World. Congratulations to the students and families who completed and submitted their passports. Below are the prize winners. You can pick up your prizes at the Primary building during these times only — 8-11am OR 1-3pm (the office is not available during lunch hours).

Nyla Gandhi
Haven Handoyo
Aarohi Vashi
Adele Doumy
Alessio Cummings
Ariana Chen
Ariana Tashpulatov
Ayanna Roldan
Chase Carlson
Ella Uram
Eloise Geger
Emma Kwan
Eric Xia
Everen Wilson
Gabe Campeau
Grayson Campeau
Henry Georg
Ira Pandya
Isaac Uram
Isabella Chen
Cormac McHale
Violet McHale
Kiefer Carlson
Laila Harding
Leo Fahs
Lexa Roldan
Luca Langhlin
Maceo Wright
Madison Moy
Martin Uram
Matthew Chung
Miles Wright
Nathan Beaser
Oliver Georg
Quinn Riepl
Sadhana Selvamuthukumaran
Sarvesh Patil
Sebastian Fahs
Sophie Chen
Summer Kwan
Tyler Harding
Vikram Konkimalla
Zainab Ahmad
Zoe Cummings
Zoey Kwan