Families or students who are experiencing COVID-like symptoms or unvaccinated people who have been in close contact with a COVID-positive person should stay home, and contact their healthcare provider. Anyone in the household who has been in close contact with a person who tests COVID 19 positive should report this to the district immediately at cps.edu/COVIDresults

Children who test positive for COVID-19, regardless of their vaccination status, will need to isolate and learn at home for five days. If the child is feverish and symptoms have not improved after Day 5, they should continue to isolate at home for the full 10 day period. If the child has been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and symptoms are improving after Day 5, the child will be free to return to school on Day 6 with the following precautions in place:

  • From Days 6 – 10, students will keep their masks on at all times, including while outdoors, except when eating or drinking.
  • When masks must be removed for eating and drinking, these students will maintain six feet of social distance from others wherever possible. 
  • Students with a mask exemption must stay home for the full 10 days.

Best Practices to Prevent COVID

Regardless of vaccination status, stay home if you are sick. To safely return to school, the following should be true: 

  • Symptoms have improved. 
  • Fever-free for 24 hours without medication. 
  • No uncontrollable cough. 
  • No vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours.
  • No cold related symptoms

COVID19 Guidance

 In order to keep school communities safe, CPS has provided guidance outlining the steps individuals should take if they test positive for COVID-19, feel COVID-19 symptoms, or are exposed to COVID-19:

Mask Policy after testing COVID positive 

When the City of Chicago is considered in “low transmission” according to the Chicago Department of Public Health, CPS schools follow a mask-optional policy, which gives individuals the choice of whether to wear a mask at school, on school property, or on school buses. There are several exceptions when individuals may be required to wear a mask. After testing positive with COVID, staff and students must wear a face mask for five days on school property.  For more details on the policy, view the guidance below:

Travel Guidance 

If you, your child, or a member of your household are traveling outside the city of Chicago, please consult the Travel Guidance webpage or the guidance document below. These resources have information designed to keep you, your family, and our school communities safe and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Consider signing up for free weekly onsite COVID testing 

Please go to the Color website at https://www.color.com/readycheckgo-cps and select you are registering  a student. You can then search for your school name for your school’s unique sign-up link.