Elementary School Promotion Policy

Getting to the Next Grade

CPS makes elementary school promotion decisions during the second week of June for students in grades 3, 6, and 8. Promotion status is based on student academic performance as reflected by the final reading and math report card grades.

Students who do not meet promotion criteria will be required to attend and satisfactorily complete Summer Bridge in order to be promoted to the next grade.

Students who will be 15 years old on or before September 1 of the following school year, and who do not meet eighth grade promotion criteria in June, will be required to attend Summer Acceleration. They will enter ninth grade in the fall.

All elementary school students must pass The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the State of Illinois exams to receive an eighth grade diploma.

For a detailed description of promotion criteria and applicable summer school requirement(s), please see the School/Parent Guide to the Elementary School Promotion Policy. Information regarding Students with Disabilities and English Learners (ELs) is provided on page 2 of the Guide.

School/Parent Guide to Elementary Promotion Policy

Help Your Student Meet Elementary School Promotion Criteria

  • Monitor your student’s academic progress throughout the school year
  • Review homework assignments
  • Ask to see quizzes and tests
  • Communicate with your student’s school counselor and teacher