FACE2FACE Session for Parents and Caregivers: Mental Health Supports for Students

South Loop Lions,

As we begin to close out what has been the most challenging year many of us have faced, I want to take a moment to offer reflection, gratitude, and support.  Going into this school year, none of us knew what to expect.  Anxiety and fear were at an all time high, and many of us felt alone in facing the challenges of civic unrest, a pandemic, and an election season that never seemed to end.  In the end, we all worked together to re-invent the way school works and through that process I saw so many in our school community step up to support wherever they could, pushing this school through the storm.  South Loop Elementary is a unique and special place, where students, staff, and families alike come together with the sole purpose of learning and growing together, and I am more proud than ever of what this school community has accomplished.  

I want to remind everyone that the night is always darkest before dawn and that there will be light at the end of this long tunnel.  Your health (physical and mental) and that of your children could not be more important, so please do not ever hesitate to ask for help from your school and its community.  My heart is very heavy as we close out this school year to learn each day that more and more of my students are struggling from the impacts of the pandemic. Please know that our admin team will work through this summer to plan for and create support programs, curriculum and activities to help our students transition back towards some form of normalcy and a safe, engaging learning environment.

I wish you all a safe and happy close out to the 2020-2021 school year.  I will never forget the lessons this year taught us, nor will I forget the strength of character and dedication I saw from our school community.  We are Lion Proud – a community that supports each other. When asked, please say yes: we all need it from time to time.  Below is a virtual mental self-care session offered by CPS every Monday. I am also including resources provided by our school counselor, Mrs. Brewer and our school social worker, Ms. Tapia. Please email either of them if you need any additional support from the school.

Link to register for FACE2FACE

South Loop Elementary Community-Based Mental Health Resources

Urban Balance Counseling

Urban Balance Counseling is located at 332 S. Michigan Ave. #1024 in Chicago. They offer both individual and group counseling for both youth and/or families to address of a variety of mental health needs: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, ADD treatment, social/coping skill development, new self-care strategies, & much more. They are currently only doing telehealth appointments & accept most major insurances. Check out their website for more information: https://www.urbanbalance.com/

Depth Counseling

Although Depth Counseling treats a variety of mental health concerns (anxiety, depression, parenting, LGBTQ+, grief, trauma), they also specialize in the treatment of anger management and irritability in youth. They are located at 122 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 1432, 1450 in Chicago but are currently only doing telehealth appointments. Many of their therapists are in-network for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO but offer sliding scale options for those who don’t have insurance or are unable to get coverage. Visit their website for additional information: https://depthcounseling.org/

Sprout Family Clinics

Sprout Family Clinics is located in the South Loop neighborhood at 221 E. Cullerton St., Unit 101A but is also only doing telehealth appointments. They offer therapy for children, families, and individuals and have a diverse group of therapists that specialize in a variety of mental health areas including: anxiety, depression, coping skill development, trauma, and much more. They are in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO but work with Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO through a 50/50 plan. They also work on a sliding scale basis for those in need. Visit their website for more info. or to make an appointment: https://www.sproutfamilyclinics.com/ 

Imagine Pediatric Therapy

Imagine Pediatric Therapy offers Behavioral Health counseling for children and families who are experiencing high levels of stress and help to address/modify challenging or disruptive behaviors at home or in school. If your family or child has faced a recent loss or traumatic event, Imagine helps to support the family as a whole and works to support major life changes. The administrative team will help to ensure you understand if and how your insurance will work and what sessions will cost. They are currently in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, UI Health, Presence Health, AMITA Health, and more. Please contact them via their website for more information: https://www.imaginepeds.com/ 

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is an incredibly useful website that can help find a therapist for your child or family that is tailored to your specific needs. The filter and search tools on Psychology Today allow you to find therapists based on credentials, your location, their specialities, your insurance, and much more. If you need any assistance to support your search for a therapist, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our School Social Worker, Alisha Tapia, LSW at artapia1@cps.edu or our School Counselor, Moshe Brewer at mlbrewer@cps.edu. The website to use Psychology Today is: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us 

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago C4   4740 N. Clark Street

773-769-0205  ask for intake www.c4chicago.org

Comprehensive Outpatient Mental Health Services for youth and families, Substance Abuse prevention and treatment, employment assistance, Advocacy, Psychiatric services

Metropolitan Family Services    5210 Main St. Skokie, IL  847-425-7500

www.metrofamily.org or email at contactus@metrofamily.org

For over 150 years Metropolitan Family Services has been a voice for families in Chicago’s city and suburban communities. Out of our Evanston and Skokie offices we provide counseling and case management services to youth and families in our General Counseling and Family Support and Prevention program. We have psychiatric services available to youth in our Child and Adolescent mental health program, which is open to families with the medical card.

Thrive Counseling Center  120 Marion Street Oak Park, IL 708-383-7500 ext 204


The mission of Thrive Counseling Center is to build healthy minds, families, and communities by empowering people to attain mental and emotional well-being. Hope, resilience, and recovery form the heart of our programs and services. Services include free support check in line, group therapy, individual therapy, 24/7 crisis team, and advocacy.

Other Helpful Mental Health Resources

Health Care and Mental Health Resources for Students and Families: 

The CPS Office of Student Health and Wellness (OSHW) has partnered with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) to help families take advantage of health care and social services they may not be aware of or know how to use, including COVID-19 testing, health risk screenings, vaccinations, health check-ups, prescriptions, transportation to and from doctor visits, and behavioral health therapy. Use the resources in this packet to tell your students and families what is available to them. For more information call the Healthy CPS Hotline 773-553-KIDS (5437).

Bilingual Supports for Parents During COVID-19 – Apoyos bilingües para padres durante COVID-19

  • The Erikson Institute’s Center for Children and Families is pleased to offer high-quality, virtual therapy services to parents and caregivers of children 0-5 in both English and Spanish, regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Most major insurances are accepted, and services can also be provided on a sliding scale or pro-bono basis. Parents and caregivers can reach out to set up an appointment through our intake line at 312-709-0508 (English) or 312-934-6446 (Spanish), or by visiting Erikson.edu/ccf
  • Another critical resource for parents with young children is Erikson’s Fussy Baby Network. If you are struggling to care for a baby under age 1 who is crying excessively, or having difficulties sleeping or feeding, consider utilizing this service.There are no fees for Fussy Baby services during “shelter in place” orders. Our team of infant specialists are available Monday – Friday (9-5 p.m.) to support parents, and can be reached at 888-431-2229 or at fussybaby@erikson.edu.

Links to Local Child Psychiatrists (for testing & diagnosis, treatment programs, medication inquiries)

If you or your family would like assistance in finding an outside therapist or psychiatrist, please do not hesitate to reach out to our School Social Worker or School Counselor whose contact information is below. 

Alisha Tapia, LSW    artapia1@cps.eduMoshe Brewer          mlbrewer@cps.edu