Fall Festivities- Harvest Day & Pumpkin Decorating Contest

South Loop’s Harvest Fest held on October 31, 2022`

Please do not send candy, treats or sweets to school for distribution. 

We are a candy, gum, peanut free and limited sweets school.  

Students may wear costumes to school on October 31, 2022. K-3 students will participate in a parade. Classroom teachers will determine  the time of the parade.

Primary Teachers may request parent volunteers for indoor or outdoor activities. All parents must be approved to volunteer- Level 2. Please provide a copy of your picture ID to Mrs. Shelton.

To ensure all students safely participate and enjoy classroom activities, we ask you follow the guidelines below:Students will be asked to remove any costume that is not following the guidelines listed below.

  • If walking, masks should not be worn to or from school to ensure safety.
  • Costumes can NOT include blood,  knives, guns, or other depictions of weapons, monsters.
  • Costumes should be respectful of individuals and groups in our society and may not depict political views, violence, gore,  body mutilation, cultural or ethnic insensitivity
  • Costumes which depict or encourage drug use, alcohol use, and/or gang activity are prohibited.
  • Costumes must be respectful not exposing any inappropriate body parts.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Students in all  grades are encouraged to participate. 
Find a pumpkin of any shape and size- Real or Fake
Turn the pumpkin into a children’s book character using any material of your choosing. 
Using an index card or 5 X 7 paper, attach your name, grade and room number to the pumpkin 
Bring the pumpkin to school on October 26th and 27th
Staff will judge the pumpkins on October 28th
Prizes will be awarded


Do not carve your pumpkin. Carved pumpkins will not be accepted. Make sure your pumpkin is inspired by a book character. Parents do not create the pumpkin for your child.