Follow Up to Bullying Concerns

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support, suggestions, and feedback in regards to my previous message regarding bullying at the middle school.

Since then, Admin has visited each grade this week (5th-8th) to go over the presentation linked below. We also had a dialogue with students about what is bullying, what isn’t bullying, the long term effects of bullying, types of bullying, and what is inappropriate sexual behavior in schools as well as how to report it. 

Classroom teachers will also be providing opportunities in Advisory for conversations around bullying, expected behavior, and emphasize that the classroom and school are safe spaces for all students.

Please discuss the following presentation with your child again. Also, make sure your child views the videos we’ve included in the presentation. It is important to have an open dialogue with your child about your expectations for their behavior in school, how to treat others, and how to advocate for themselves.

It is our responsibilty as a school community to provide our children with the skills and knowledge to eliminate bullying and bias based behaviors. We must work together to ensure that all of our students feel safe and heard.