Harvest Day Reminders

South Loop’s Harvest Fest held on October 29, 2021`

Please do not send candy, treats or sweets to school for distribution. 

We are a candy, gum, peanut free and limited sweets school.  

Harvest Fest: Students may wear costumes to school. 

To ensure all students safely participate and enjoy classroom activities, we ask you follow the guidelines below:

·        If walking, masks should not be worn to or from school to ensure safety.

·         Costumes can NOT include blood,  knives, guns, or other depictions of weapons, monsters.

·         Costumes should be respectful of individuals and groups in our society and may not depict political views, violence, gore,  body mutilation, cultural or ethnic insensitivity

·         Costumes which depict or encourage drug use, alcohol use, and/or gang activity are prohibited.

·         Costumes must be respectful not exposing any inappropriate body parts.

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