High School Application Reminder

Attention 8th grade Parents

The High school application window closes next Thursday, November 9th at 5pm.  If you have not created an account and applied please contact me so that we can schedule a meeting to do so ASAP.  Please maximize your chances of acceptance by applying to any/all schools that you and your child would attend if offered a seat.  

If you DO NOT apply to any/all eligible schools you are forfeiting the chance of admission.  You can apply to up to 6 of the 11 selective enrollment school programs.  You can apply to up to 20 choice programs.  For example if Jones is your top choice select all three programs listed (selective enrollment, Pre-engineering and Pre-Law).  This is maximizing your chances to be accepted to Jones.

Your child can only potentially receive a maximum of two offers. One for a selective enrollment school and one for a choice(non-selective program). Every student is automatically eligible for a seat in the general education program at their neighborhood high school (based upon your residential address) 

Parents that are fairly certain your child is going to attend a  Parochial/Catholic school or leave the district all together for Fall 2024.  I highly recommend still applying to any/all interested CPS schools by the above mentioned DEADLINE. Offers will be issued typically around the 2nd week of March.  Thus, avoiding your child being automatically attached to their neighborhood school mentioned above.

Account creation requires your child(ren) CPS ID# you can contact me for that info. You can create and submit the application at this link GoCPS account setup

PLEASE NOTE: Applications are not considered complete until you receive an email from GoCPS confirming your SUBMITTED status. The ONLINE portal will receive heavy traffic and become slower to process your application within the last few days for sure.  I highly recommend that you complete and submit TODAY.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me mlbrewer@cps.edu or 773.534-4533


Mrs. Moshe’ Brewer

School Counselor