High School Information for 8th Graders: IMPORTANT


If you were contacted by the District that you were offered a seat you have approximately 48 hours to accept or decline that offer.  If a student receives a waitlist offer for a program, the student will be automatically removed from the waitlists for any programs that were ranked lower than the offered program, but will remain on the waitlists for any programs that were ranked higher than the offered program.

 For example, if a student is waitlisted for five programs and receives an offer from their second-ranked program, the student will automatically be removed from the waitlists of programs ranked 3-5. However, the student will remain waitlisted for the program ranked

number 1, and can still possibly receive an offer for that program.

Waitlist Timeline

Students will remain on the Round 1 waitlist for any given program until February of their freshman year unless they (1) receive a Round 1 waitlist offer for a program, 

(2) receive a Round 1 waitlist offer from a higher-ranked program on their application, or

(3) remove themselves from a Round 1 waitlist.

Waitlists are automatically generated for each school in real time as students across the system accept or decline offers, and schools can only issue offers in the order the waitlist displays them. Because of this, there is no guarantee that a student will receive a waitlist offer or that a waitlist offer will be received by a certain time.


DEADLINE is this Friday, May 8th you can not submit incomplete applications.  Thus, recommendation letters must be included with the application and supporting documents that are capped at a total of 10 pages.  Parents and students you must please carefully review and read the application prior to submission.  Remember you are applying to one or more of the four available categories.  Thus, your personal statement should speak to one or more of those areas. Finally, remember that the District does not need your 7th grade final grades or NWEA results; these items were part of your initial eligibility.  Also, due to the nature of this school year unless you have received straight A’s and B’s the first three quarters of this academic school year I recommend NOT including your report card.  

As always if you have questions please email me at mlbrewer@cps.edu