Important Back to School Reminders from Mrs. Shelton

The following forms in your child’s back to school envelope are now due. Please return the following forms by Monday, September 11, 2023. Copies of the forms can be found here:

  • Student Medical Information 2023-24 [ ENGLISH  SPANISH ]-  All Families. Deadline is  October 1st. Students can be excluded from school. 
  • Request for Emergency and Health Information- [ ENGLISH  SPANISH ]- Returning Families Only 
  • School Messaging Consent Form (Robo Call) [ ENGLISH  SPANISH ] Returning Families Only 
  • Media Consent Form and Release [ ENGLISH  SPANISH ]-            Returning Families Only 
  • Family Income Information Forms [ ENGLISH  SPANISH ] Returning Families Only. This is very important for school funding.  

CPS Drills: Chicago Public Schools use the ELSA (Evacuation, Lock-down, Shelter-in-Place, and All Clear) Crisis Codes outlined below. These codes use plain language that is easily understood by staff, students and visitors alike. Below are the dates drills will be issued at South Loop School.

Reporting your child’s absence You no longer need to inform the office or send a written note reporting your child’s absences. Aspen Parent Portal will allow parents and guardians to submit, schedule, and track student absences electronically (E-Absences). Get more information on how to use the E-Absence feature here:

School Fees

All school fees (field trips, band, sports etc.) can be paid by using the link below.

The student school fee is $75.00 per child. (Two children per family limit). The school fee can be paid in one, two or three installments using the link below: