In-person Book Fair on Now ’til Friday, 12/10!

Visit the book fair home page to review or purchase books or set up an ewallet for your child (or volunteer – we are still looking for a few for the middle school!):

Primary School Building (K-3):
Middle School Building (4-8):

In-person: Fair will run in-person 12/6 thru 12/10 at the primary and middle school buildings. Classes will visit the fair and your child may come home with a wishlist of books. Students may bring $ to school or parents can set up an e-wallet for their child to purchase books at school throughout the week. Of note, there are items like fun pens, bookmarks, and posters; please discuss guidelines for these with your child. No returns will be accepted due to COVID.
Virtual: Shop on-line for books 12/6 thru 12/19. Purchases will be shipped to your home. Our understanding is that books will not arrive before the holidays. 

All purchases benefit South Loop Elementary School.

Signed with love of books,
Laura Evans (primary school building) –
Anna Beaser (middle school building) –