Lockdown Drill April 14, 2023

South Loop Parents,

With the  recent increase in school related shootings, I understand that many of us, our students included, are experiencing feelings of anxiety. I want to assure parents we are taking safety measures across our South Loop campuses very seriously.  

This week we are reviewing arrival and dismissal procedures with staff, ensuring classroom doors remain locked during school hours, and conducting a walkthrough with our security guards to review exterior door protocol daily.  Safety is a top priority for our students and staff and practicing various drills is a critical step in ensuring our students are able to react quickly in the case of an actual emergency, and are practiced and comfortable with emergency plans. On Friday, April 14, 2022,  we will  discuss and perform lockdown drills (active shooter) during high transition times with staff and students.  This type of drill will secure the school building and safely shelter all students, staff and visitors inside the building.  The purpose of this drill is to keep the students safe from any danger outside or inside the building.  During a “lockdown drill” all of the perimeter doors to the school building will be locked and will remain locked until the danger or issue outside or inside the building is removed.  To enable everyone to remain safe, no one will be allowed to enter the building or leave the building until the drill is completed.