Lost & Found Clean Up- Claim Your Items

The Lost & Found has been cleaned up in both buildings. All unlabeled items have been donated. Labeled items can be claimed in the main office in either building. There is a white bin marked  Labeled Lost & Found Items Waiting to be Claimed  under the counter beneath the mailboxes in both buildings. All unclaimed, labeled items will be donated with next month’s clean up.  ITEMS WILL NOT BE DONATED IF THEY HAVE A NAME MARKED ON THEM!!  Next clean up will be Friday 2/24.  **Please label all belongings**


Zane B / water bottle
Anui / water bottle 
Farah / water bottle 
Enzo M / sweatshirt 
Laya P / sweatshirt 
Cass or Cara (?) / sweater
Patrick M / sweater


Sage / water bottle