LSC Needs Your Feedback!

Your Local School Council is requesting feedback from the school community.  One of the LSC’s duties is to conduct an annual principal evaluation based on the five competencies we evaluate Principal Shelton on:

·        Continuous Improvement and School Vision

·        Professional Learning Systems (e.g., curriculum, teacher development)

·        College & Career Readiness

·        Family & Community Engagement

·        Self-Disciplined Thinking (e.g., diversity, collaboration)

The LSC wants to hear from teachers, staff, and parents and guardians of SLES to inform our evaluation of Principal Shelton as it relates to the 5 competencies listed above.  Any comments we receive will be compiled and summarized for LSC members to review and then discuss with Principal Shelton.  Please e-mail all comments to: by March 9th.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Principal Evaluation Chair, Kate Neville at