Paid Opportunity in Arts + Public Life for 14-19 Year Olds

Arts + Public Life | Paid Opportunities
Do you know a youth between the ages of 14-19 and interested in pursuing creativity, joining a community, and being paid?

Arts + Public Life (4) Youth Arts Education programs offer the opportunity to learn more about the arts, develop as a leader, positively impact the community, and meet peers who share similar interests while earning a paid stipend.

Classes consist of (3) group meeting hours per week, plus 4-6 hours of small group and independent work. Teens work alongside professionals to develop original work using real-world processes. All programs have a community stewardship and civic engagement focus.

  • Apply here for the Design Apprenticeship Program Level 1 (DAP), Community Actors Program (CAP), and Teen Arts Council (TAC) (After School Matters website)
  • Apply here for the Backstage Production Program or Design Apprenticeship Program (DAP) Level II