Phase 4 Hybrid Reopening Plan

South Loop Families,

Welcome to Phase 4 Hybrid Reopening. Students will report to Hybrid Learning on Monday, April 19th. 

It is important to read slides 28-29 in the K-8 Full Hybrid Plan below with your child prior to reporting to Hyrbrid Learning on April 19th. The slides provide expectations for in person learning.

K-8 Full Hybrid Plan:

Traffic Pattern for Primary and Middle School Buildings.

Primary Building:

Middle School Building:

Reporting Times:
8:00 am – 3:00 pm – Kdg -3rd grade students report to 1212 S Plymouth Court 
8:30 am – 3:30 pm – 4th -8th grade students report to 1601 S Dearborn 

Wednesdays are Remote Learning days for all Kdg -8th grade students. 
Classroom teachers will email individual classroom Remote Learning and Hybrid Learning schedules.

Entry/Exit Doors:
Students will report to assigned doors. Students will enter and exit the building at designated entry/exit locations. 

Primary parents, (Kdg- 4th ) must line up at their child’s designated entry/exit location and remain with their child until a temperature check has been completed. 

5th-8th grade parents, the first week (April19th-23rd) please do not leave until your child’s screener is checked by the door monitors. Door entries are located on slides 11-014 in the At-A-Glance presentation below. 

K-8 Hybrid at a Glance:

Mandatory Daily Health Screening:

We expect families to answer all questions honestly and abide by the guidelines in place to keep all of us safe to ensure a successful reopening. If you are traveling or participating in gatherings, please do not send your child to school without following the city’s quarantine guidelines.  

Health Screener: Every student must complete the CPS Health Screener daily. Complete the screener at a minimum of one hour prior to the start of the school day to ensure your child’s name populates in our screener system.

Daily Health Screener –
For assistance completing the Health Screener click here

Early Dismissal: Students will not be allowed to return to school after an early dismissal. Students can join remote learning for the day. 

School Uniforms: No school or gym uniforms this school year. Students are expected to dress appropriately.  No foul language, no inappropriate pictures, and no political slogans etc. All shirts must have sleeves, cover midriff and all bottoms must reach mid-thigh. Gym shoes must be worn on gym days to participate.

Breakfast/LunchFree breakfast will be served in the classroom daily. Free lunch will be served in the lunchroom daily. We will continue to provide free breakfast and lunch bags at both buildings for Remote Learning Families. 

Supplies: Your child’s South Loop in-peron supply lists can be found here.



  • personal hand sanitizer
  • 5 additional face masks 
  • personal sanitizing wipes


  • laundry basket or large container 
  • desk shield
  • face shield

Specials Schedules:
All students will be remote learning on Wednesdays.

Kdg.-3rd 4th Quarter Hybrid Specials Schedules:
Specials teachers will deliver simultaneous instruction. Remote students will need to log in remotely at their classroom’s designated specials class. 

4th-8th Grade 4th Quarter Hybrid Specials Schedules:

Specials teachers will deliver simultaneous instruction for all classes except 4th & 7th grade. All 4th grade students will log in remotely on Th/F and all 7th grade students will log in remotely on M/T. On remote days M-W, 7th grade will log into specials according to their arts elective groups assigned at the beginning of the year (Group A = Art students, Group B = Band Students, Group C = Music Students). 

All other remote students in 5th, 6th, and 8th grade will log into simultaneous specials instruction on M/T and Th/F  at their classroom’s designated time for specials class.  When attending specials classes on Wednesdays, students should follow the Arts electives groups they were assigned to at the beginning of the year (Group A = Art students, Group B = Band Students, Group C = Music Students).  

Revised Cook County Travel GuidanceThe CCDPH recently updated its travel guidance to align with the travel order in effect in the City of Chicago. The Chicago website includes a map and more information than the Cook County website, including an FAQ.  

The guidelines apply to anyone traveling  designated U.S. states with a significant degree of community-wide spread of COVID-19, which are updated weekly and coded orange on this map

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Illinois Department of Public Health FAQ for Schools: