Phase 4 Hybrid Reopening Reminders


Reopening reminders:
Parents must complete the screener every day (at least 30 minutes before the start of the school day). Students cannot complete the screener.  CPS Health Screener: Complete Daily, one to two hours prior to the start of the school day.

We expect all families to answer all questions honestly and abide by the guidelines in place. If you or anyone in your household are awaiting Covid results, please do not send your child to school until you receive negative results.  Students cannot arrive before 8am (Primary Building) and 8:30 am (Middle School) without adult supervision. Students must report to their assigned doors for entry and dismissal. See below.

*Please pick up promptly at 3:00pm (Primary) and 3:30pm (Middle School). We cannot have students standing outside unattended.

Entrances Students/families must have social distance. Please  have a conversation with students about the importance for social distancing during drop off and pick up. 

Kdg. 124 PodClassroom Federal St. Door #7Remain on 1st  floor
Kdg. 127 PodRoom 131 (Playground) Door #3Remain on 1st  floor
Kdg. 131 PodClassroom Federal St. Door #7Remain on 1st  floor
1st Grade PodsPlymouth Street (SE)  Door #2Southeast
2nd Grade PodsMain Entrance Door #1Northeast
3rd Grade PodsPlayground Door #6Southwest


4th Grade7th GradeMain Door 7 (Parking Lot)4th – Remain on 1st Floor7th – B to 3rd Floor
5th Grade Pod A5th Grade Pod BMain Door 1Remain on 1st Floor
6th Grade Pod A6th Grade Pod BDearborn  Entrance 9A  to 3nd Floor
8th Grade Pod A8th Grade Pod B17th St.  Door  8C  to 4th Floor

Parents, please follow the traffic pattern designated for drop off and pick up for each building.

Middle School parents, do not use the alley to drop off or pick up.

If your child forgets his/her lunch a school lunch will be provided. Parents, do not drop off lunches.

Due to the increase of students learning in person learning, I am asking parents to please provide each child with a desk shield.    Click the link to purchase on Amazon

Supplies: Your child’s South Loop in-peron supply lists can be found here. Reminder, students must bring  supplies, instructional materials and school issued chromebooks on their assigned reporting days. Be sure your chromebook is fully charged.
Students must have headphones for in person learning.