Preliminary Information on 2020-21 School Year

Dear Parents, 

We are aware you have received the CPS plans and that there remains some uncertainty as to how things will move forward for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.  We do not have messaging from the district different to what you have received nor further specificity for what any of the models will look like.  At this time, the South Loop admin team is planning for each model and we want to communicate what that planning is looking like right now.  

We are currently in the process of requesting a specific model for our Diverse Learners and ELL students.   

Remote Instruction preliminary planning:

-All instructional materials will be bagged up for students during the last 2 weeks of August and we will schedule pick up times for students by grade level (or to accommodate families with more than one South Loop student)  

-We are currently developing a comprehensive set of remote learning expectations for students and staff.   

-Principals across the district are currently asking the district to implement more hours for remote learning time.  We feel the same and will work to ensure remote learning, if selected, will be as robust and student-centered as possible.  

-For families of two or more children, we will stagger remote learning hours. 

Hybrid Instruction preliminary planning:

-We will make sure families of two or more are in the same pods for reporting to school in-person

(The following criteria for face-to-face instruction would also apply to the Hybrid learning model)

Face to Face Instruction preliminary planning:

-We will utilize unique entry and exit plans with students entering/exiting buildings at various times through various doors

-Unique recess and lunch planning 

-Specific restroom usage per homeroom or possibility of same sex bathrooms to minimize different groups of students using the same space.  

-There will be no early drop off at either building.  For the primary building, students must report at 7:45 and at the middle school building students must report by 8:15

-Students will not transition from room to room 

*At this time it’s likely we will not offer after care 

Talking points from parents:

Should we return to in-person instruction, it will be very important for parents to prepare students, especially our younger students, for how the experience will differ from what they have been used to.  We want to ensure we’re taking all the necessary steps to remain in-person and not have to switch back to a remote model.  Please take the time now to begin discussing some of the following with your students:

-The importance of keeping hands to ourselves and not sharing supplies and classroom materials 

-The importance of wearing a mask at all times  

-The necessity of washing hands frequently 

-Avoiding physical touching of one another 

-The importance of responsibility in behavior and actions

Supply lists 

-Supply lists will be sent by July 31st.  We are currently polling teachers to curate different supply lists for remote learning and face-to-face learning.  If we return to in-person learning, there will be no sharing of materials.  Each student will need their own supply bin for their supplies.  Please begin ordering sanitizer and wipes (two of each per student) so that we can build up a supply at each physical building.  

Once CPS makes a final determination for what school will look like in the Fall, we will finalize the specifics of how the chosen model will be implemented at South Loop and communicate that information to you quickly.  We will prioritize safety for students and staff as well as the learning experience we provide.  

We know that everyone is anxious right now and has lots of questions.  We ask that you please trust in our leadership and know that we will do all that we can to support our students.  A survey will be going out to you on Wednesday (titled SLS Reopening survey) asking for your feedback on coming back to school.  Please take a few minutes to complete it by Monday July 27th so that your feedback can be included in our planning.

Principal Shelton