PRIMARY Building- Flow of Traffic Procedures


Please be patient and courteous, and follow the flow of traffic procedures. Follow the directions and look for staff and parent volunteers to guide you.

1. Enter on 14th State street
2. Head west to 14th Federal Street 
3. Turn right onto Federal Street
4. Head west to 13th Federal Street.
5. Stay on the east side of the street, pull forward to playground entrance  
6. Begin dropping off on the East side of Plymouth Court only (Look for Signs)
7. Continue to pull forward and turn right into the parking lot.
8. Turn right onto Plymouth Court
9. Head South to 14th Plymouth Court
10. Turn left onto 14th Street.


Do not drop off or pick-up students in the middle of the street. Please pull to the curb and continuously move forward for other waiting parents. This is a necessary precaution for the safety of all students. Do not stop or park by the main entrance of the schools at any time. Do not block our neighbor’s driveways for any reason. 

  • Adhere to the Volunteer signs.
  • No parking directly in front of the school at any time (including pick up from Extended Day). Begin parking near the entrance of the playground (12th Plymouth Court)
  • No parking on the resident sides of the street on Federal, Plymouth Court or 13th Street at any time.
  • No parking near the entrance or exit of the parking lot (reserved for school buses).
  • No parking in the school parking lot at any time prior to 4:00 pm.
  • Participate in Kiss N Go.
  • No parking during drop off on 12th Federal Street or 16th Street and  Dearborn Street at any time.
  • Do not exit your car during drop off.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinators to volunteer for Kiss N Go:

TRAFFIC PATTERN: Regular Schools Hours and Extended Day

The flow of traffic is extremely important to prevent traffic congestion. All South Loop Parents/Guardians and Private transportation drivers must drive west to 14th Federal Street (second stop sign), make a right turn and drop off at the designated area. All students must be dropped off on 12th & Federal Street (playground entrance). Look for Kiss N Go staff/students. See graphic below.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING ON FEDERAL ST. Students are dropped off on Federal. Federal must remain free of congestion. 
  • Do not park or drop off near the main school entrance. This area is reserved for bus pick-up and drop-off only from 7am – 6pm daily. We are a pick-up and drop off site for several CPS schools.
  • Do not turn right on 14th Plymouth Court or Left on 13th Plymouth Court at any time. 
  • Have your child packed and ready to exit the vehicle in the designated area.
  • Parents, Do not exit your vehicle for any reason. It is important to keep the flow of traffic moving. 
  • Extended Day families are expected to follow the flow of traffic at all times. We service several schools for After-school drop off. Plymouth Court must remain clear at all times.
  • Do not drive north on Plymouth Court at any time.
  • 12th Plymouth Court is a one way street – 2:45 pm – 3:15 pm
  • Do not park in the entrances at any time-designated school bus zone