Remote Learning Check-In: October Edition

Dear South Loop Families,

Happy October! We have made it through the first 4 weeks of school! After today’s message we will transition to monthly updates, instead of weekly. This message will focus on important reminders and a list of to-dos. 

Completed Required School Forms 

Please email or, fax: 773 534 0980 or mail: 1601 S Dearborn St. 60616 any required school forms. All forms are due before  October 31st. 4th-8th grade families, the packet of forms are in your child’s instructional bag.  Download the Student Packet of Forms here. 

Please visit this page on our school website to access additional forms. 

To submit these forms you have the following options:

  1. Download the forms to your computer, fill them out electronically, and send them to via email at or
  2. Print the forms, fill them out, and mail them to the following address: South Loop Elementary School 1601 South Dearborn Chicago, Illinois 606016
  3. Print the forms, fill them out and drop them off at South Loop School
  4. If you prefer, you may pick up a packet of the forms at South Loop Primary or Middle School buildings. If you prefer a packet of the forms, please call the main office at 773-534-4664.

SY21 Forms

  • Family income Information- Why is the Family Income Income Form (FIIF) important to me and my school?
    The information from FIIF is used to determine the allocation of Supplemental Aid (SA) and Title I funds to every school for FY22.  Additionally, it is used to screen for healthcare (Medicaid) and SNAP benefits for families.  
  • Media Consent and Release
  • Request Emergency Health Info
  • Student Health Booklet: Please note, Student Health School Booklet, contains additional forms, which include all the medical forms. You may find the forms on the following pages: 5, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, and 21.

Technology Issues/Reminders
Parent Tech Suppor
t: Below is the video from Monday’s live stream. The video will guide parents on how to use SeeSaw (Pre-Kdg-3rd), Google Meets, Google Classroom, Google Drive. and Aspen There are additional links in the Google Suite.

Download the slide presentation:
Watch the recorded live stream: Parent Tech Support (2020-09-28 at 16:20 GMT-7)

Tech Device- Avatars: Please check your child’s screen avatar. I am seeing weapons and inappropriate body images. Avatars should not display Weapons, Profanity, Offensive Figures, Gore etc. Students are required to remain on camera during class time. If you are experiencing slow internet or camera issues, please email the teacher. 

Tech Device Support: We have a limited amount of tech devices remaining. Please try these troubleshooting tips first. 

Chromebook Chargers: If you lose or damage your charger, you must purchase a new one. The school does not have extra available chargers. You can purchase the following depending on your chromebook model:
Samsung Chromebook (oldest chromebook models we have)
Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Model (older model)
Dell Chromebook 3100 (newest model- any usb-c compatible charger will work)

Troubleshooting camera and mic issues on a CPS device: 

  • Try restarting the device
  • Check the camera app on the chrome device to see if it is working properly
  • If problems still arise, check the Google Meets website is not blocked
    • Open camera/microphone settings
    • Go to Chrome Settings
    • Search for Site Settings
    • Click on the camera or microphone icon/word from the list
    • Checked the Allowed and Blocked websites boxes 
    • Ensure that Google Meet is not blocked and is in the “Allowed” list. The “Ask before accessing” box may be checked
  • If the Meet website is not blocked then the camera or microphone may not be functioning properly.

If your child is still experiencing tech issues; broken camera, the device and charger can be returned to swap for another device . Please email Mrs. Garcia to make the request: 

School Day Reminders

Attending Class with PRIDE: We are in a very unique circumstance where we have to connect, learn, and engage through remote learning on a device. With that being said, this does not change the philosophy of our school. All students are expected to engage and participate following our South Loop PRIDE expectations at all times during the school day. Just like a regular classroom- Google Classroom, Google Chat and our Google Meet Sessions are safe spaces for all students. Be kind with your words, post with a purpose, and be respectful of each other’s individual ideas, opinions, and creations. Discuss this with your child, and remind them to THINK before they post:

  • Is it TRUE?
  • Is it HELPFUL?
  • Is it INSPIRING?
  • Is it NECESSARY?
  • Is it KIND?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions, then it should not be posted.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Common Sense Media has provided a great resource for parents to discuss the importance of staying safe online. October 19-23 is Digital Citizenship Week. This month is a great opportunity for you to talk about your child’s digital footprint and the choices they make online.

Healthy Habits: Learning from home is different than going to school buildings each day. Resources to help your child maintain healthy habits that support their academic engagement and social and emotional wellbeing can be found here . 

CPS Provided Meals: Complete breakfast and lunch meals are distributed daily at both buildings between 8am -1:30pm daily. Free to all households with children under the age of 18.

Study Hall:  The school day for 5th -8th graders begins at 8 am daily. The first hour or two hours are designated for study hall.  Students can make up class work, complete assignments, work on online tools ( IXL and  Reading A-Z)

Specials Classes: Students cannot switch special classes. Students must attend their assigned specials class.  The survey was not a guarantee to your requested specials class. Homeroom teachers provided each student their assigned specials class. Unfortunately, until we return back to face to face instruction, 2019-2020 band students must remain in band.  Also: Students are required to attend specials. Grades for Specials are issued and part of the student’s official records. 

Important Instructional Materials:
If you have not picked-up your child’s instructional bag, supplies can be picked daily between 8am -3pm. Please go to the Primary Buiding for Grades K-3 and the Middle school for Grades 4-8. These bags have important materials that will be used for daily learning. 

LSC Elections: Deadline to apply for the Local School Council 20-22 term is October 6, 2020 before 3 p.m.

Checking in with Admin – Remote Learning Survey

We want to hear from you- Celebrations and Concerns. A Remote Learning survey will be sent out on Monday, October 5th. 

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