Returning Chromebooks

In Person 8th grade Students should return devices by June 17th to their homeroom teacher. Make sure student’s name is on the device.

Remotes 8th Grade Students can return devices on June 17th to Mrs. Garcia from 1:00-4:00pm at front of the school.

In Person students at Middle School may return their chromebooks at anytime to Mrs. Garcia by June 18th.

In Person students in Grades K-3, may return their chromebook to their Homeroom Teacher by June 18th.

ALL K-7th Grade students (in person or remote) may turn in their chromebooks on June 21 (Middle School) or June 22 (Primary Building). Mrs. Garcia will be at the front of the school buildings on these days to check in devices.

To streamline collection on June 21 and 22, please ensure your child’s name, student ID number, and homeroom is affixed onto the chromebook. Also have the chromebook fully charged when returning.

Lost or damaged chargers will incur a $30 replacement fee.