Safety First! Flow of Traffic Reminder for Primary Building


The flow of traffic and kiss-n-go have been in place for over 10 years. If it is followed, you will have a stress-free drop off and pick up. It is unacceptable to use foul language towards staff or volunteers who are attempting to implement a school safety procedure. 

We continue to experience the following challenges:

  • A few drivers are refusing to pull foward after many requests 
  • A few drivers are not following the flow of traffic and are turning right on Plymouth Court instead of onto Federal St.
  • A few drivers are parking and exiting their cars during drop off 
  • A few drivers are parking on Federal Street. 
  • Cars are pulling to the curb on an angle, preventing the flow of traffic
  • Children are getting out of the car into the middle of the street instead of curbside
  • A few drivers are yelling at staff and/or using profanity.  Please remember to be kind. The children model our behaviors. 

PLEASE adhere to the Kiss-n-Go guidelines.  They are in place for the safety of our children, drivers, staff and the Dearborn Park community.

We are in need of volunteers!  You can sign up here: