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Today’s update focuses on SELF CARE.  It’s been over a month since we’ve been sheltered away in our homes with our families, or maybe you’ve been experiencing this pandemic alone. The global COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t just radically changed our everyday lives, you’ve probably been experiencing a lot of change too. Anxiety change is a leading cause of stress and insomnia due to the thoughts of the unknown. Especially in a situation like this, as we collectively watch the virus making its way from city to city.

Share funny memes with family and friends. One of the best medicines for self-care and minimizing stress is laughter. One of my favorite things to laugh about right now are the Lori Lightfoot memes. Here are a couple that have definitely calmed my storm these days:

Things to remember and consider when taking care of your own mental health…

Keeping motivated while sheltering in place. Here is a list of ways to stay motivated. 

• Zoom/Facetime/Skype chats with friends and loved ones. 

• Go retro and send a letter or pick up the phone and call someone.

• Complete the census.

• Do something kind each day. 

• Find something to be grateful for each day. 

• Learn to cook a new dish and post it on social media. 

• Be informed but try and balance your news watching with comedy watching. It is still OK to laugh out loud. 

• Do a fitness challenge, push-ups, sit ups or stretching every day.

• Spring clean and gather donations to be dropped off at a later date. 

• If you can, order from restaurants and tip generously. 

• Support first responders by sending a thank you note

On May 1st we will be required to wear masks in any public places. For a fun DIY activity with your family, Create Face masks with your Children.

Tips while creating facemasks with your children:

  • Be honest as to why they need to wear a facemask. 
  • Get your kids involved in the design. 
  • Turn the mask into a costume! 
  • Make a mask for their buddy (a stuffed animal, toy, etc….) 
  • Do a test run at home. (Have your child get used to the mask while staying at home, before going out) 
  • Turn making a mask into a game. 

Read instructions for making your own mask!

YALE Child Study Center- Scholastic Collaborative

Scholastic partnered with Yale on an Early childhood program that will be released in the fall that is how the collaborative was born. During this unprecedented time we wanted to use this partnership to help families directly.  This crisis has caused many families stress, anxiety, and fear.  In some cases families are coping with violence, food insecurity, and children behaviors.  This site provides a direct email to Yale clinicians that will support and respond to families, district personnel, and others.

This is a FREE workbook from the Yale Child Study Center–Scholastic Collaborative, written by child development expert Denise Daniels, RN, MS.

EXERCISE is also a great way to help destress and doing daily stretches, sometimes before bed, can help you get a great night’s sleep!

Journaling: A journal is a personal outlet for releasing stress and anxiety. It is a perfect outlet for expressing your feelings and organizing your thoughts. Find a quiet space and let the words flow( drawing pictures for young children)

Read: Create a comfortable area of just the right lighting, throw blankets and pillows and a good snack. Dedicate time ( 15-60 minutes) everyday to limit your tech devices, news, social media for you and your family to have quiet reading time. 

Here are some other additional resources to help with your child’s social emotional well being:

Calm Down Strategies For Kids (All Ages)

Printable Social Skill Activities (for early elementary students)

12 Movies to Help Teach Empathy to Children

Top Middle School Movies for SEL Learning

Middle School Mindfulness Activities

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