SCHOOL CLOSURE WEEKLY UPDATE from Principal Shelton (May 28)

Hello Lion Pride!

This week I will focus on the possible ways we may social distance and great  “Zen” places to virtually travel to.

Hopefully not too far off in the future, we will be seeing all of our favorite city sites and restaurants open with IDPH approved safety guidance. We all are dreaming of the day that will happen, but what will it look like? Although we can’t say for sure, I want to bring you some images I found of what other parts of the country and world look like social distancing at restaurants and city sites. As the old saying goes necessity is the mother of invention and people have gotten quite creative.

In Germany, patrons wear pool noodle hats. In an Inn at Little Washington, Mannequins dressed in chic 40’s style clothing occupy tables to ensure the dining room feels full. In Amsterdam, diners eat in individual green houses. At Fish Tales Bar and Grill in Ocean City Maryland, patrons are on innertube tables on wheels. Cute Stuff pandas occupy tables inThailand so diners practice social distancing properly. A restaurant in Australia added cardboard cut -outs to make diners feel like they are surrounded by people

Are you looking forward to the day you can travel safely? For now, check out these exciting Virtual Travel Destinations. No need to pack up the car, buy a plane ticket or fight crowds. You and your family can travel from the comfort of home.

Virtual Travel Destinations

Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park website offers map based tours and virtual tours that allow you to learn about the history of the park, see pictures and listen to the sounds of nature. Take video tours of Canary Springs, Upper Falls. Dragons Mouth Spring, Lookout Point, and more!

San Diego Zoo

Take a trip to Golden State and visit the San Diego Zoo, virtually! Their live cams allow you to see live footage of baboons, penguins, polar bears, apes, koalas, giraffes, platypus, elephants, tigers, burrowing owls, and condors as they go about their day. Watching these magnificent animals is an every changing experience, so check back often. The live cams also feature archived panda footage as the two giant pandas Bai-Yun 27 and her son Xiao Liwu were repatriated to China in April of 2019.


This two hour relaxing walking tour of Waikiki Beach contains the sights and sounds of being there. You will see people walking and laying out and hear the ocean and birds. 

Disney Adventures

Virtual visits to the Happiest Place on Earth without the heat, lines, or ticket prices! 

Epcot Center 

Magic Happens Parade 

One hour walking tour of Magic Kingdom

International Destinations

No need to grab your passport to see the world. 

The Holy City Jerusalem – A one day tour in four minutes. 

Buckingham Palace – See how the Queen Lives 

The Seven Wonders of the World- See all the sites in one trip.

One Last Smile

“Doesn’t get any cuter than this. It’s a girl (EWE LAMB)… 15 minutes old.” What a face!

South Loop Photoshare– Challenge #12


Principal Shelton

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