SLES 5/6 Basketball Championships – Feb 12

Both 5/6 grade basketball teams have qualified for the CPS Farragut Conference Championship! 
Below is the information as we would love to have SLES families cheer them on!  

Farragut High School, 2345 S Christiana Ave*
Saturday, February 12, 2022 

Game Schedule:
9:00 am: Boys South Loop (1) vs. Boys Galileo (4)
11:00 am – If SLES Boys wins at 9:00 am, they will play the winner of the other bracket.
2:00 pm: Girls South Loop (1) vs. TBD – Championship Game

*Farragut is a quick 15 min drive from SLES and has a free parking lot. Entry from the lot is at the door immediately seen from the lot (labeled Door 2). A buzzing noise will sound when you open the door and that is intentional 🙂