SLES Show of Support for Black Lives Matter

Ms. Shelton has approved us showing our support to the community and our strength and diversity as a school with a positive activity that all families can participate in.

On Friday 6/12, we encourage students from all grades to come to the Middle School building between 8-Noon to drop off or hang up a message of support, tribute, love and hope in response to George Floyd’s death, and in support of Black Lives Matter. Students can create art and messages on construction paper or poster board they have at home and we will hang it on the windows around the school. If your child likes to do chalk drawings, they can also come decorate the sidewalks around the school.

Later that evening, at 6pm, we invite all families to come back to take a social distanced walk around to see the display. Then at 6:15 we will have a 2 minute moment of silence, recognizing that it may be difficult for children to stand still for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Please remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing, but please plan to come help us show our support on 6/12.