SLS TENTATIVE Remote Learning Plan

South Loop Families,

As an admin team, we have been hard at work researching, developing, and re-working a remote learning plan that will best support our students and families.  While this is our TENTATIVE remote learning plan, (until we receive more guidance from CPS) it was developed to accommodate the needs of our diverse stakeholder groups, while also being realistic for our teaching staff.

It’s important to remember that there is nothing “normal” about a remote learning plan.  When CPS moved to E-Learning in March, we sent messaging about “the new normal” and the importance of accepting change, and we want to be clear that we have taken that same messaging to heart as we have sought to build a learning plan inclusive of the needs of our school and its learners through the myriad challenges brought on by the COVID19 pandemic.  

Our remote plan was in the process of being created when we sent our tentative hybrid learning plan several weeks ago, and since then we continued to develop it knowing there would also be a strong potential to return to remote learning.  We took your feedback from the remote learning parent survey into consideration and sought to be reflective on where we could improve the remote learning experience for both students and families.  As much as possible, it is our goal to help students feel they are a part of the school community, to show them they are supported, and to help them continue to grow both in terms of academics and social-emotional well-being.  

We ask that as you read through the plan, please give yourself time to digest it and remember our South Loop P.R.I.D.E. values before reaching out with questions and concerns.  Questions, concerns or wonderings should be sent to the school’s admin team (Mrs. Shelton, Mr. Rhodes, and Mrs. Anders-Payne).  Please also feel free to share any instructional and fine arts resources or professional readings you come across so that we can incorporate them into our planning wherever appropriate.