Staff Vacancies/Leave of Absences

Below is an update regarding the current teacher vacancies and leave of absences at all three buildings. 

Mr. Laino is expected to return in April of 2022. Currently, long term sub Ms. Michele Douglas has been covering PE classes.

We are also expecting Mrs. Simmons to return in April of 2022. Currently, long term sub Mrs. Scherrelle Jeffries has been covering Mrs. Simmons’ class.

At this time, we do not know when Mrs. Mitchell will be returning. As of now, there is a day to day sub covering primary Kdg.-3rd grade visual art, and 4th-8th grade art classes at the middle school are being covered by Mrs. Shelton, Mrs. Anders, and the TA’s. 

The kindergarten vacancy should be filled less than a week or so after the holiday break. 

We will continue to search for permanent teachers to fill these positions. Until then, we will do what we can to ensure there is coverage in the classroom. 

After winter break 4th-8th grade art students will need additional art supplies/materials to complete art projects. Please send your 4th-8th grade art students with the following supplies that can be found at the Dollar Store and/or Five Below:  

1 bag – Transparent fish tank marbles/pebbles in a Variety of colors

1 pack of Modeling clay5 canvases – varying sizes

1 bundle of Yarn – various colors

1 – Paper towel roll

1- T-shirt

1- Wire hanger

Fake flowers (Optional)

Various used magazines, newspapers, children’s magazine, comic strips, etc. for cutting pictures