SY23-24 Fine Arts Electives Form


Each year, 4th-8th grade middle school students can select which fine arts class they would like to attend for the school year.  This year, students will select their top two choices for a fine arts elective. Parents, please have a discussion with your child prior to assigning them to a fine arts class.

Student requests will be honored on a first-come basis. Please understand that students may not receive their first choice. Once assigned to a fine arts elective, students will remain in that elective for the entire school year. Requests to change electives because a student did not receive their first choice, or has changed their mind, will not be honored. Elective groups will be announced the first week of August.

Important Notes Regarding Band: 

  • Due to the high demand of 4th grade band, students who elect 4th grade band as their 1st choice, may not receive this option. 
  • 4th grade band may require students to rent their own instruments in order to participate. 
  • Consent and instrument rental forms will be passed out during the first week of school in August. 
  • Band slots will be assigned on a first-come basis based on who returns signed forms first. 
  • Mr. Zettl will not enroll students who do not return signed consent forms or return forms after band slots have been filled.  
  • We will try to honor the student’s 2nd choice for fine arts elective. However, students who are not enrolled in band may be assigned to either art or choral music depending on availability. 
  • Incoming 7th & 8th-grade students interested in joining band must have at least 1 year of training on any musical instrument.
  • New 5th-8th grade band students must attend a mandatory after-school band practice twice a week for the first 6 weeks of the school year. This will help students with meeting grade-level band standards. This practice is not optional! Students who do not attend may be in jeopardy of being removed from band.  

Please complete the form to indicate the student’s top two choices for a fine arts elective. Forms must be completed by Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at 5:00 PM.  Students who do not complete the form by the deadline will be assigned to a fine arts class by administrators. The form must be completed using your child’s CPS account.  

Please complete the following form to indicate your child’s fine arts electives for SY23-24:

Yours in Education,

Natasha R. Anders
Assistant Principal