Beta Club- Food Drive & Clothing Drive

South Loop Elementary offers an exciting organization for students called National Junior  Beta Club. As a Beta member, students are expected to be positive, supportive, inspiring leaders who demonstrate exemplary academic and behavioral characteristics. As a Beta member, students are responsible for bettering their school, community, and world. This is done by engaging in community service activities within their community or other communities in need. 

As part of their commitment to the school and community, Beta Club partners with Jordan Cares to feed 100 families for Thanksgiving and to provide winter clothing for families in need. Beta Club rives this season- A Thanksgiving Food Drive and A Winter Clothing Drive. We want to support our students and the families in need, so we are asking all families to please participate in this month’s food drive and next month’s winter clothing drive. We are accepting donations for both drives now. Below you will find detailed information about each.

As the Holiday Shopping Season begins, shop some deals, and donate to a worthy cause!

Each grade level is asked to donate: 

Kdg: one can of green peas, green beans or greens 
1st: box of man & cheese 
2nd: box of stovetop stuffing 
3rd: can of corn
4th: box of cornbread mix
5th: can of cranberry sauce 
6th: box of mash potatoes 
7th: can of gravy 
8th: can of sweet potatoes 

We are also hoping for donations of small frozen turkeys and small size ham.

The class who brings the most donated goods (one class from each building) will receive a FREE PERIOD in the computer lab!

Beta Club is partnering with Jordan Cares to bring holiday cheer to 100 families.  The Beta Club is asking for your donations to ensure children in the Roseland Community enjoy the Christmas Holiday.

December Community Service 

Adult and children sizes.
Each grade level is asked to donate: 
Kdg – pair of socks 
1st- pair of gloves 
2nd – winter hat
3rd – scarf
4th- 1 package of under shirts
5th – 1 package of undershirts 
6th – pair of gloves 
7th- pair of socks 
8th- winter hat 

We are also asking for a donation of winter coats (adult and children) and a donation of one toy per classroom.