The Countdown is On! Our Halloween Fun Run is in FIVE DAYS!

Hi Parents! We have 10 days left for a final push on our Halloween Fun Run Fundraiser! As it sits we’re less than half way to goal but we think we can make up the ground if we get the message out and need your help! 

What’s in it for the students? Aside from being able to claim that their grade is better than the other grades…


1. The winning grade gets a pizza party! (Woop woop!)

2. If we can hit our goal as a school, everyone gets an out of uniform day!

Ways you can help: 

1. Share the link with friends and family and let them know all donations go directly towards making sure the school has enough money for books, equipment, and technology to ensure a great educational experience for the kids.

2. Reach out to your professional networks for corporate donations. Corporate donations get credited right to the grade’s team total!

Each link below will take you right to that grade’s team page for donations:



1st Grade:

2nd Grade:

3rd Grade:

4th Grade:

5th Grade:

6th Grade:

7th Grade:

8th Grade:

Thank you for all your help! Let’s make a giant push to hit our goals!