UPDATE Regarding Remote Learning

Good Morning South Loop Families,

You will receive regular updates, academic and fine arts resources, and staying connected activities from me every Thursday with an exception to Spring Break week.  

ISBE Remote Learning and Grading Guidance

On March 26th, school leadership throughout the district participated in a webinar to learn how to implement a  remote learning plan for the duration of school closure. The session provided an overview for developing school specific plans, outlined expectations for remote learning, and provided a timeline of action steps. As you can imagine, a wealth of information was provided and there is a need for school leadership to synthesize the information and define what these expectations will look like at South Loop School. You will have more information about South Loop’s remote learning plan no later than Monday, April 6, 2020. 

Moving forward, beginning April 13, 2020, CPS will officially move to a remote learning platform, as defined by the Illinois State Board of Education. This week, I will work with SL staff about the requirements for the remote learning plan, discuss our technology programs and resources, and finally we will determine a comprehensive plan that is aligned with the guidance. We will create a plan that tailors instruction and supports that reflect the realities of the school and the needs of our students and families.

Last, I recognize that many of you have questions about the long term impacts of this school closure. Please know that these decisions can’t be made at the district level alone. Due to the nature of this pandemic, these decisions require ongoing collaboration and guidance with the Federal government, the Illinois State Board of Education, our Governor, and lastly our Mayor. Once these decisions are made, guidance is provided to school leadership. I respectfully ask for your patience, understanding, and support during this time.

Be Safe and Stay Healthy#stayconnected


Principal Shelton

*As always, for the most reliable information and updates, please visitCPS FAQ PAGE, www.chicago.gov/coronavirus or www.cdc.gov/coronavirus. For school-specific updates, visit www.cps.edu/coronavirus. If you need help locating medical care, please reach out to the CPS Office of Student Health & Wellness at oshw@cps.edu or by calling the Healthy CPS Hotline 773-553-KIDS (5437).*