Updated Medical Records *Action Required*

To ensure the health and wellness of our students and staff, and to help our school meet the state’s immunization requirements, please schedule school physical and vaccination appointments before the start-of-school rush and well ahead of the October 15th deadline. Families can find a health center at https://findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov/.

We are out of compliance. Please submit updated records promptly. This is a component of our school rating. Non-compliant letters will be sent home today. Please submit updated records by May 24th or schedule an appointment to meet the immunization requirements before May 24th.

As a reminder, all new students must provide proof of required immunization and health exams at the time of enrollment (including those who enter after October 15th). Currently enrolled students must also provide proof of immunization and exam at specific grade levels (Pre-K, K, 6 and 9) no later than October 15th each year.

Immunization coverage rates for individual networks and schools are available on Dashboard. Every school should generate its own list of vaccine-unprotected students from Dashboard. Your school nurse can help follow up and notify families of students who are unprotected and not in compliance.

The following circumstances allow for immunization waivers.

  • Medical exemption: Vaccine not given for specific medical reasons determined by a physician and documented in a written statement attached to the state physical exam form
  • Religious Exemption: A State Certificate signed by a physician
  • Registration as a Student in Temporary Living Situation (STLS): Per the McKinney-Vento Act, these students are not required to show proof of immunization or exam