Pledge-drive updates.

And we’re off to a great start! 4th grade is 1/4 way to their $4k goal and have the potential to have 3 full weeks of no uniform! 6th grade is a pretty close 2nd. Remember, the grades who reaches $4k by May 1st can be out of uniform until May 19th. If you don’t reach the goal by then, you can still get the OOU incentive when your grade reaches the goal before May 19th.

Thanks to those who have already registered, now let’s keep collecting pledges to help reach our team goals and hopefully get the great Fire Match experiences, like being one of the player escorts and warm up watcher spots.

Students, there is still time to register and receive your promo code for $5 off the Student tickets for the Fire match.

Once you’ve registered find your email for the promo code and purchase your family tickets for the match! Adults, you can also purchase your combo tickets to the Spring Benefit Gala at the same time.