Friends & Family of South Loop School– We Need Your Feedback!

Quick 9 question survey:

South Loop Elementary school is a community of committed, caring people who want to help our kids learn, build skills, and thrive in the world. Critical support comes in many ways including volunteering, planning, organizing, and making financial contributions. Most of the school’s financial support comes through fundraising events, sponsored by friends of South Loop.

Recent fundraisers have helped provide new technology, culturally relevant reading series, additional classroom materials, library books, teachers’ professional learning, facility upgrades, and so much more.

These resources are critical and we want to ensure that we are getting feedback to make them as successful as possible. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, which will help inform planning for upcoming fundraisers. Any questions can be directed to Elena Savona, *protected email*.

Thank you for your input and continued support.

Inside South Loop Elementary