We’re done asking for $ but we have one last favor to ask.

Thanks to those who participated and collected pledges in the Lion Pride Fun Run? We do need one last favor, in order for us to get all the pledges accounted for, we need those who have an asterisk after their pledged amount to log in to your account https://ffsles.dojiggy.io/slesfunrun2021/ and log your distances. (How to: https://dojiggy.fundraise.help/knowledge-base/how-do-i-log-my-activity/)

We need this done before we can tally and announce our final amount raised! If you have any questions, please email ffsles+funrun@gmail.com .

Total distances are as follows:

 Lion Cub Walk – # of laps around school

1 mile run/walk – 8 blocks

5k run/walk – 5 kilometers

Thank you!
Friends & Family of South Loop School Board

Friends and Family of South Loop School, Inc (FFSLS), is a charitable 501(c)3 Corporation whose mission is to
provide supplemental educational resources for South Loop Elementary School. Friends & Family is a volunteer
organization and has no paid employees, so that 100% of contributions benefit South Loop Elementary School.

*Legal regulations state that donors may only claim a charitable contribution as an income tax deduction when there is nothing of value received in return. When there is some kind of thank you gift or event, the tax deductible amount is that which is left after taking into consideration the value of the gift or event.