Mr. Ziolo

6th – 7th Grade Science

Mr. Ziolo

About me

My name is Mr. Kevin Ziolo and I have been at South Loop since 2013. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, especially all of my students families.

I was born in Norridge, Illinois, but was raised most of my life in Mundelein, Illinois. Mundelein is a much smaller city than Chicago but growing up, I enjoyed many things such as playing sports, listening to music with friends, and learning about the world by taking road trips with my family.

I attended University of Wisconsin – Madison. I am a huge Badger fan and love the city of Madison if you ever want to talk about it with me. I was involved with a few organizations while at school such as Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Special Olympics, and The Water Environment Foundation (WEF). Many of these organizations helped me learn a lot more about the world outside of school. Over these years, I continued to investigate my love of Science by studying biochemistry. I enjoyed the hours of lab work we did and was also able to work in a research lab for three of my years at UW.

Post college – I moved back to my favorite city in the world – Chicago. For five years, I worked as a researcher at Northwestern University in their Medical School doing Biochemistry research. I worked to study proteins of toxins and how they affect cells. These years were some of the best – learning more about the research process and putting my Science skills to use as a scientist.

As this time at Northwestern continued, I wanted to do something more with Science. Because of my love for talking to others about Science and love for the city of Chicago, I would pursue a dream of mine to become a Middle School Science Educator. I continued to work and went through the Loyola University- Chicago Secondary Education program. It is with great joy that I get to share this information with all and look forward to hearing from you all.