Another Job Well Done Debate Team!

Written by Maya Agrawal- 6th Grade,

On January 12, 2019 the South loop debate team did very well at their tournament. It took place at Lincoln Elementary school. The topic up for debate was immigration. Competing in the tournament was Phillip Melhado, Zach Smarroff, Nicholas Sue, Eleanor Wallace, Harmony, Camille, Kya Somers, Maya Agrawal, Miles Reeves, Becky Chan, Grace Bauer, and Zach Ziegler.

Congrats to the following awardees at this past Saturday’s debate tournament:

Novice: Phillip Melhado and Eleanore Wallace – Seventh Place Team!!
Junior Varsity – Kya Somers – 3rd Place Speaker!
Maya Agrawal – 4th Place Speaker!!
Maya and Kya – 2nd Place Team!!!!!!!
Varsity – Miles Reeves – 2nd Place Speaker
Becky Chan – 5th Place Speaker
Zach Ziegler – 10th Place Speaker
Grace Bauer and Becky Chan – 3rd Place Team!!
Miles Reeves and Zach Ziegler – 4th Place Team!

Great Job to all!