6th grade outdoor ed trip to Camp Duncan

By June S., 6th grade

On April 5 and 6, the 6th grade classes traveled to Camp Duncan in Ingleside, Ill. While we were there we did team-building activities, archery, pioneering, hike for health, a star lab and Duncan Detectives.

In the team-building activities we had to work together to complete obstacle courses and challenges. In archery we each learned some basics of archery and each got a turn shooting six arrows. In pioneering, we learned who are pioneers and talked about who are modern-day pioneers. Then we talked about some pioneer history and made candles.

In hike for health, we hiked in the woods around Camp Duncan and read descriptions of the trees and plants we walked by. In star lab, we went inside a giant bubble that canceled out light to see stars and learn about constellations. We also learned how to identify different stars, like the North Star. They told us ancient stories about constellations.

Duncan Detectives is Camp Duncan’s version of an escape room. We tried to find the deed of the land through small group activities and at the end had to come together to find the camp deed.

Day Group A at Duncan Detectives after finding the deed.

We wrapped up the night with music mania, where you get to guess song titles, artist, what song a movie is from and have dance parties and sing-offs. Then came the end-of-the-night campfire.

During Music Mania!

Because it’s the beginning of April and Chicago is very unpredictable, it was very cold and ended up snowing.

Though no one could feel their feet at the end of the day, it was still really fun and we all ended up having a great time. We had separate day and cabin groups so we had lots of opportunities to talk to new people and make new friends.

(Thank you to Ms. Heneghan for the photos!)