6th grader Theodore Morrison rocks the Daytona Triathlon

By Aizah, 6th grade

South Loop sixth grader Theodore Morrison was one of only six kids to complete the Daytona Challenge Triathlon, which took place in December. Along with 600 adults, Theodore finished a 15-mile bike ride, a 5k run and a 900 meter swim.

I asked Theodore some questions about his experience

Q: How long did it take to complete the triathlon?
A: I finished in 2 hours
Q: Were you the first one to finish?
A: No 
Q: How long did it take to train for it?
A: I’m not sure how long I trained, but I had to train for it.  
Q: Did any of your other family members compete in it with you?
A: No. Just me.  
Q: Did you have to go on a diet for training purposes?
A: No.  But I had to eat well and healthy.

Congratulations, Theodore! You make South Loop proud!