After School Club Feature: Musical Theater

written by Annika C and Nia C.

Ms. (Rachel) Jaffe is our music teacher here at South Loop. She started a club about Musical Theater. She got the idea to create this club because she wanted to be able to share her passion and knowledge with students. Some of her knowledge comes from working in New York for three years where she got to take acting classes and learned from professionals, including musical theater with professionals.

In this club the students have learned how to sing, act, and move with the style of musical theater. Also the students act out some scenes and sing some musical numbers. Along with all of this, they will learn about Broadway history and how people get jobs there.

One other thing that makes clubs online can sometimes be difficult, and it is making it a little harder for the musical theater club, but they keep on trying. The students are not able to sing together making it so that when singing they all record themselves separately for the audio and video, also they are not able to do much choreography.

Musical Theater has two groups. One group meet on Mondays and the other group meets on Wednesdays.