After School Club Feature: Young Bankers Club

Young Bankers Club

Mrs. (Helen) Chan is the fourth-grade math teacher at South Loop. She started a club recently called the Young Bankers Club. Mrs. Chan was recruited by Ms. Garcia, and in previous years other South Loop math teachers had run the club. Being a math teacher, Mrs. Chan loved the thought of running the club and she gets to continue working with some of her previous students.

In the Young Bankers Club, the students will use a digital interactive platform. The program used is game-based so the students will have their dashboard and levels to complete. There will be a different learning goal for each level, including ideas based on sales tax, estimating money, overspending, and more. At the end of the program, a volunteer from Fifth Third Bank will visit the virtual class and get to engage with the students. S/he will talk about what bankers have to learn in school, the career path, a Q&A, and a trivia game.

While there are some clubs that have experienced trouble learning online, the Young Bankers Club is not one of them, mainly because this is an online platform. Also since the program is like a game the members are engaged and always participate.

Our Young Bankers Club consists of 5th Grade Students