An interview with Mr. Gabe, the man behind the murals

By Felicia W., 5th grade
Ever since I joined the South Loop community in primary school, I’ve always wondered who painted the amazing art in and around the primary building.  When I was younger the colorful artwork with its bright designs and vivid details would make me wonder how the artist came up with the ideas for the murals around the school.  
The man behind the remarkable visual masterpieces is named Gabriell Gutierrez Sorzano, but everyone knows him by the name Mr. Gabe.  In talking with him, I found he is a man of few words however his talent speaks for itself.  I had the pleasure of asking him a few questions about his craft.  

Q: When I first entered South Loop as a 2nd grader, I noticed your artwork right away.  How did you learn to create such beautiful pieces?  
A: I have always dreamed big and never gave up on art.  Practice makes perfection. 
Q: How long did it take you to repaint the whole primary school building?
A: In the 10 years that I worked for South Loop, the murals have been a work in progress.
Q: Have you ever thought about or taught classes at South Loop?
A: Yes, I teach art in the after school program.
Q: Your creativity is amazing, students were really interested in you designing wall paintings for the middle school building.  Do you have plans to create artwork in the middle school building?
A: There is always plans but the last word comes from the Principal, Ms. Shelton.