An interview with science teacher Ms. Heneghan about Fuse

By Anabelle J. and Flora S., 5th grade

We interviewed Ms. Heneghan, the 5th grade science teacher, about Fuse, which a lot of us have been doing in science class. It’s a fun way to learn because you get to play games and build things, instead of just learning from a book or screen.

Here are some questions we asked:

Q: What is fuse?

A: Fuse is a student-centered program that has a various amount of fun challenges. This program is based off of STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

Q: What grades are doing Fuse?

A: 5-8 are doing it currently, and 4th grade will start this winter.

Q: Fuse is a new program to South Loop, so was there an old one?

A: There was no program like Fuse used before at South Loop.

Q: How does Fuse help and teach students about science?

A: It teaches engineering,which is hard to do in class and it lets students face problems and find solutions.

Q: How long do you hope to do Fuse?

A: As long as possible!