Battle of the Books Team Takes 2nd Place in City Finals

By Madigan T., 6th grade

If you heard the Monday morning announcements last week, you might know that the Battle of the Books (B.O.B.) Team got 2nd place in the 7th and 8th grade city finals.

The competition took place at Little Village High School. With their coach Ms. Martin, the six-person team (plus alternates and support) along with 15 other schools in the Chicago area were placed with two other teams in one room. The team received points for correct answers to three rounds of questions from 20 assigned books.

“It was pretty scary at first,” team captain Nick H. said about the stress the team felt. “I think the team stood well on this problem.”

After the last round, the South Loop team got first place in their classroom. The points for each team were added up as everyone headed to the auditorium for the special guest authors and awards.

The officials announced a tiebreaker between South Loop and Beaubien and needed those teams to go on stage for an instant elimination round. The first team to get a question correct and the other to get one wrong would break the tie.

A correct answer from the book “I am Princess X,” ended the tiebreaker round and the South Loop team took the second-place trophy.

The team jokingly credits their success to their “emotional support doughnut,” which they explained was a squishy hand toy doughnut with green icing.

Go team!