Beta Club Convention Results

Congratulations to Beta Club Members and sponsors, Mr. Murray and Ms. Menyes, for their participation in the Betacompetition in Springfield yesterday.  The following students placed in their respective competitions:

Runner Up – Math(5th grade)
Nisse Danforth

Champion – Language Arts (5th grade)
Kya Somers

Runner Up – Science (5th grade)
Maya Agrawal

Champion –  Speech (5th grade)
Piersyn Johnson

Third Place – Visual Arts (5th grade)
Kya S, Nisse D, Maya A,

Champion – Math (6th grade)
June Stevens


Champion – Language Arts (6th grade)
Zara Linneman

Champion – Science (6th grade)
Aidan Harrison

Third Place – Social Studies (6th Grade)
Asha Davis

Champion – Group Talent
Kira Carpenter, Asha Davis, Ava Gladfelter, Victoria Pellicano, Lucy Adamson