Congratulations to Beta Club Members and sponsors, Mr. Murray and Ms. Menyes, for their participation in the Betacompetition in Springfield yesterday.  The following students placed in their respective competitions:

Runner Up – Math(5th grade)
Nisse Danforth

Champion – Language Arts (5th grade)
Kya Somers

Runner Up – Science (5th grade)
Maya Agrawal

Champion –  Speech (5th grade)
Piersyn Johnson

Third Place – Visual Arts (5th grade)
Kya S, Nisse D, Maya A,

Champion – Math (6th grade)
June Stevens


Champion – Language Arts (6th grade)
Zara Linneman

Champion – Science (6th grade)
Aidan Harrison

Third Place – Social Studies (6th Grade)
Asha Davis

Champion – Group Talent
Kira Carpenter, Asha Davis, Ava Gladfelter, Victoria Pellicano, Lucy Adamson