Book fair brings in more than $10,000 for South Loop

By Brandon B., 4th grade

Just a few weeks ago the South Loop Book Fair took place in the Little Theater. It took place Dec. 3rd to Dec. 7th. Parent volunteer Cara Jaques has been organizing the book fair for three years and she says, “More than half of the kids in each class bought books.”  She also says it’s important to read because you learn from reading and you can apply that to your life. 

The book fair raised $10,600, according to Ms. Jaques. The school can either take the profits in Scholastic credit to buy more books or in cash to use wherever administration decides it’s needed most.

Ms.Martin, a first grade teacher and the school’s former librarian, says, “I suggest books by Gordon Korman, Sharon Draper, Kate DiCamillo and Rick Riordan.”

Some popular books this year were suspenseful chapter books and graphic novels. The book fair is usually twice a year but this year is only once.

Ms.Martin also says, “Reading a variety of subjects opens your mind to understanding multiple perspectives in life.”